Vision and Mission

We're an organisation with high hopes and clear vision.


To create an improved democratic environment for Nigeria.

To promote citizens participation in public policies and engagement with public institutions, and also promote elections credibility in Nigeria. We are focused on promoting good governance through building effective public institutions and citizens’ access.

1. Integrity:

2. Non-partisanship:

3. Professionalism:

4. Creativity:

5. Consistency

6. Excellence

1. Providing technical assistance and support to the National Assembly in priority reform areas through its Committees.

2. Helping to expand the number of civic groups engaged with the legislature

3. Enhancing the capacity of public institutions to develop and implement people-oriented policies.

4. Increasing election credibility through engagement with relevant election stakeholders

5. Supporting the election management body to deliver credible elections

6. Promoting CSOs engagement with the electoral process, creating awareness and dissemination of information to the general public and advocating for electoral reforms.