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Senate Approves 2021 Budget of the Nigerian Police Trust Fund

The Senate at its plenary session of Wednesday, 30 June 2021 approved the sum of N74,773,601,916.30k as the 2021 Budget of the Nigeria Police Trust Fund (NPTF).

Presenting the report of the Committee on Police Affairs, the Chairman, Sen. Haliru Jika (APC: Bauchi) stated that in a sitting with the House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs, it had met with the Executive Secretary and Management of the NPTF to consider the proposed budget which comprised of the following:

  • Total Revenue Roll-Over (2020) – N23,631,857,141.30k
  • 0.5% of the Total Revenue Accrued to the Federation Accounts- N41,867,680,099
  • 0.05% of Total VAT- N8,824,064,676.00
  • 0.05% of Net Profits of Companies in Nigeria- N300,000,000
  • Aids, Grants, Donations, etc.- N150,000,000

According to Sen. Jika, the 2021 Budget of the NPTF is the second since the establishment of the Act in 2019 and will enhance the efforts of the police in tackling security challenges across the country. He therefore urged the Senate to approve as follows:

  • Personnel Cost: N988,279,006.05k
  • Overhead Expenditure: N10,027,610,310.25k
  • Total Recurrent: N11,015,889,316.30
  • Capital Expenditure: N63,757,712,600

Total: N74,773,601,916.30k

It would be recalled that the President of the Senate, Sen. Ahmad Lawan (APC: Yobe) at the plenary session of Wednesday, 17 February 2021 had informed lawmakers through a letter by President Muhammadu Buhari about the transmission of the 2021 Budget of NPTF. In the letter, President Buhari had explained that the funds were for:

  1. The training and re-training of personnel of the Nigeria Police Force in order to enhance their skills and overall improvement, performance and efficiency in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities.
  2. The procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, operational vehicles and other related facilities to enhance the skills of personnel of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in handling operational equipment.
  3. The construction of Police Stations, barracks and other living facilities for personnel of the NPF and their dependents.
  4. The procurement of instructional materials and training equipment, and payment for the cost of participation of personnel of NPF at seminars, conferences and other skill acquisition courses.


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