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PLAC Policy Engagement Essay Challenge

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Do you have a fresh, interesting and innovative perspective on improving citizens’ engagement with policymakers? Are you between the ages of 18 and 35? If so, participate in our essay challenge by sending in a written submission in line with the guidelines below.

The Challenge: This challenge is intended to engage citizens, particularly young people, to develop innovative ideas on citizens’ participation and engagement. Interested persons are invited to share their innovative ideas and solutions for: “Improving engagement and connecting policymakers to citizens.”

Innovation: Submissions could be a policy solution, project idea, service or even product (e.g., using technology to engage policymakers). It should demonstrate how it is innovative in approach and how it builds on existing solutions in ways that have not been explored before and /or that address change from a new angle or perspective. It should also address how it takes advantage of Nigeria’s socio-economic and political contexts.

For more information on how to apply  and the benefits for the winning entry and top finalists, click here: