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PLAC Podcast Series

PLAC Launches ‘Rights Conversations’ Podcast Series

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PLAC Podcast Series

Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) has introduced Rights Conversations, a podcast series dedicated to enlightening people on all they need to know about human rights and how integral they are to all spheres of human life. This will range from basic discussions on the definition of human rights and the types of rights that exist, protection of rights, to more specific issues of human rights violations and how to seek redress. Rights Conversations will also feature developing human rights trends in Nigeria and around the world. Episodes of Rights Conversations will be released regularly and will feature guests who have worked extensively and developed expertise in the area of human rights, as well as individuals who have suffered violations of their rights and their journey to achieving remedy. Subscribe to Rights Conversations on your preferred listening platform to stay up-to-date with episodes of the show as they are released.