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House of Reps Commences Constitution Review

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The Co-Chairman of the Committee on the Review of the Nigerian Constitution and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Ahmed Wase on Tuesday, November 17, called for the submission of memoranda to the committee for the Constitution review exercise. The general public, executive and judicial arms of government, civil society organisations, professional bodies and other interest groups are expected to submit proposals to the committee’s secretariat, in relation to federal structure and power devolution, local government autonomy, fiscal federalism, revenue allocation, security architecture reform, electoral and judicial reform. Other subject matters for consideration include the legislature, state creation and immunity for public officials. It will be recalled that the committee was inaugurated on October 15, 2020, to look into Constitution alteration bills and proposals.

The Constitution review exercise by the 9th National Assembly is coming at a crucial period. Recent occurrences in the country have given rise to agitations for true federalism, devolution of powers to state governments, overhaul of the nation’s security structure, sustainable economic development, among other issues, which have continued to be amplified. It is expected that the review exercise will be comprehensive and provide Nigerians with a stable legal framework that will adequately address the prevailing problems in the country.