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CCT Chairman in Street Brawl

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The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Danladi Umar was reportedly engaged in a physical altercation and brawl with a security guard and traders working at a commercial plaza – Banex located in Abuja’s city centre. The brawl was reported to have started when he was asked to repark his car in the parking lot of the plaza, as it was said to be obstructing other users.  In a video that was widely circulated on social media platforms, Umar was seen being restrained from a physical altercation and brawl with the security guard identified as Sargwak. The situation was worsened by the CCT Chairman’s statement in response to the incident, in which he claimed that he was the victim and had been assaulted by “Biafran boys.” The statement further stated that he had gone incognito to the shopping plaza without his “full official paraphernalia” as he had no intention “to cause trouble or intimidate someone.”

Lawyers and other observers have described the Chairman’s actions as unacceptable, far from dignified and unbecoming of a public office holder and have called for an investigation into the incident and necessary disciplinary actions against Umar, if found guilty. The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in a statement, expressed its displeasure “… at any display of naked power by a public officer especially one who, by virtue of his high office, is expected to exhibit a high standard of conduct.” The body has undertaken to look into the matter and take appropriate actions based on its findings.